A massive evangelistic campaign will transpire in the capital city of each of the 18 states of Honduras. All 18 events occur on the evening of July 20, 2013 in the capital city of each of the 18 states of Honduras.

Every pastor in Honduras will gather in their capital city on the morning of July 20, 2013 for a four hour conference and training. They will be equipped with books and materials to enhance their ministry.

In the final 30 minutes of the conference, every evangelical pastor in the entire nation will lift up a unified cry of prayer for the salvation of their nation.

Every high school across the nation has a school wide assembly with an altar call presented in the 14 days leading up to July 20, 2013

The entire outreach broadcast live globally on a major Christian Network.

Each ministry, evangelist, or pastor will sponsor and preach at the city-wide crusade in one of the capital cities.

2,000 young missionaries divided into groups of 100 for 16 cities and 200 for the two largest cities.

Houses of prayer globally will join in the prayer of intercession from the pastors and leaders of Honduras during the final moments of the Leadership conference as well throughout the 18 city-wide crusades outreaches.

With 18 simultaneous outreach campaigns, salvation will rush through the nation like a flood.  People from every city, town, neighborhood, and village will be exposed to the Gospel presentation across the nation.  This will be a historic time of harvest.

The long-term impact of all the churches rallying together will have remarkable implications. Geographical and denominational walls will disseminate while the pastors and leaders focus their hearts and attitudes on seeing their nation saved.

As in most developing countries, nearly 50% of Honduras is under the age of 20.  That is why an altar call in every public school leading up to 07.20.13 will shake the cities across the country.  They will witness young people their same age passionate for Christ, calling them to repentance and faith.

News of the 18 simultaneous outreach campaigns will flood the local tv stations, radio stations and newspapers. The body of Christ will be on display in a massive, unprecedented scale.

As the leaders unite to pray, we will call on Houses of Prayer worldwide to focus their prayers on the nation of Honduras.  The result of tens of thousands of believers praying for the nation will produce a spiritual change in the nation.

We are not only going to look to this event, but through this event.  As the goal of "a nation saved in a day" expands, there are many other nations ready for an outreach of this scale.  We believe this will be a model, a prototype, for bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to entire nations in one day.